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Damages for On-line Defamation – Recent Cases [2015-2016] - August 2016

Social Media and Defamation - October 2015

Australian Uniform Defamation Laws Update - May 2015 

Competition and Consumer Law Update - November 2014

Privacy Act 1988 - Legal Update - 2014

Copyright in Photographs - The Case of Corby v Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd [2013] FCA 370 

Copyright in Photographs - Perils of Online Copying - October 2014

Australian Trade Mark Protection: Online Businesses - Trade Mark Legal Update: October 2013

Legal Business Structures for Bands and Musical Ensembles

Online Defamation - Significant reputational damages awarded

Australian Consumer Law - ACCC action on Carbon Price claims

Australian Consumer Law - Business & the Carbon Price - May 2013

Australian Consumer Law - Directors & Employees' Liabilities - January 2013

In Conversation with Julian Stephens

Investing in China - A Guide for Australian Businesses - November 2009

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in China - November 2009

Innovation Patents Provide Protection Against Imitators - August 2009

Franchising Flaws: Buyer Beware, A Legal Perspective - October 2007

Franchising in Australia - January 2007

Update to Australian Trade Mark Law - October 2006

Wealth Creator Article September/October 2006 - Google AdWords and Trademark Infringement

Wealth Creator Article May/June 2006 - Approaches to Valuing Intellectual Property

Wealth Creator Article March/April 2006 - Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Property

Ownership of Patentable Inventions: Recent Developments

Franchising Publications

Franchising in Australia - Update January 2016

Franchising Update: Warranties to Consumers & the new Competition and Consumer Act - December 2010

Franchising Q&A: International Franchise Expansion - Business Planning & Market Considerations - July 2010

International Expansion - Is your Franchise Business ready? - Updated July 2010

Franchising reforms in force 1 July 2010: Franchisors face increased disclosure obligations - June 2010

Franchising Update: Franchising reforms expand franchisor disclosure obligations - March 2010

Recent Issues in Business and Franchise Law - October 2009

Protecting Your Business Interests - Updated December 2008

Franchising in Australia - Updated August 2008

Commercial Franchising in China

Franchising Expertise at Stephens Lawyers & Consultants

Franchising Flaws: Buyer Beware

Australia China Business

Doing Business in China: Update April 2010- Developments in Intellectual Property, Tax and Labour & Employment Law

Expanding into China

Investing in China: A Guide for Australian Businesses

Common Market Entry Options for Operating Businesses in China

Commercial Franchising in China

Protecting Intellectual Property in China

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in China

Intellectual Property Protection in China

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