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Commercialisation and Protection

"Should your brand or trade name be a registered trade mark? Both are valuable assets and are often worth more than any tangible assets of the manufacturer of the branded product or supplier of services."

Extract from an article in Australian Information Industry Review by Stephens Lawyers.

Stephens Lawyers provides commercial advice on a range of intellectual property matters such as the development and implementation of programs for the protection and commercialisation of copyright, patents, trade marks, confidential information and designs.

Intellectual property law is undergoing constant review with emerging technologies. Businesses need to be fully informed of these changes to maximise returns and minimise the risk of infringement. Our lawyers provide commercial and practical advice to technology-based companies on legal changes impacting their business.

Our strategic alliances in the intellectual property field facilitate registration and protection of trade marks, copyright, designs and patents in international markets for clients.

The firm also assists with negotiation and preparation of agreements for commercial exploitation of intellectual property in:

  • Licensing, franchising, distribution or agency agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Confidentiality / trade secrets agreements
  • Patent and Know-how licences and technology transfer
  • Collaborative research and marketing arrangements
  • Merchandising

In asset protection and management Stephens Lawyers undertakes intellectual property audits and develops programs for the protection and management of intellectual property.

Stephens Lawyers undertakes due diligence of intellectual property where an acquisition, merger, offer or invitation to the public, or public listing of a company involves intellectual property assets.

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