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Internet and email technologies provide a global forum for businesses to communicate electronically, engage in e-commerce and exchange information. This forum has also produced new challenges for existing defamation laws at both a national and international level. Defamatory information can be disseminated electronically worldwide. Often the originator or publisher of the defamatory material can be difficult to trace. Stephens Lawyers is well placed to deal with these technological and legal challenges with access to advanced technology forensics.

Stephens Lawyers advises both individuals and corporations in all aspects of defamation law, both electronically and through traditional media such as newspapers, radio or television. The firm reviews books, scripts, films, advertisements, articles and other material for defamatory and misleading or deceptive content prior to production. We also work with organisations in the development and implementation of policies to minimise the risk of actions for defamation including vicarious liability suits for communications made by their employees.

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